The world of online lottery offers countless possibilities that can make your wildest dreams come true, but it also carries risks. LottoPalace is committed to ensuring that the players at LottoPalace are protected against such potential risks.

We want our players to have fun and enjoy the online lottery experience confidently and responsibly. As part of our commitment to the protection of consumers, we have developed a comprehensive program relating to the responsibility to the user.
Our User-Responsibility program focuses on the following:
Protection of Minors. LottoPalace does not allow any person who has not yet reached the age of 18 to purchase lottery tickets at LottoPalace and we will make every effort as well as take measures to apply to enforce these policies. LottoPalace guarantees that any LottoPalace advertising, marketing materials and tools are not related to persons under 18 years.
For further information, please read our declaration on safety and security and/or contact us via


The LottoPalace Team