LottoPalace want to offer you the best, most immaculate lottery experience that is available on the net. Our special features present you with a wide range of options that are specifically designed to make your visit more exciting and to optimize your chances of winning.

Random selection
Use this magical Lotto button to automatically select your numbers with just one click. Random selection outlines a set of numbers for any lottery, for one or more tickets, depending on what you want. Of course you can reject or modify them until you are satisfied with the selection at any time.
LottoPalace alerts are designed to inform our players about ticket status at all times and immediately.
This feature allows players to subscribe to all multi-draws with selected numbers. Now you can be sure you will never miss a draw!
Take advantage of this extremely useful prepaid function to automatically participate in each draw of your selected lottery. Forget the tiresome responsibility to keep the timings of all relevant draws in your head. Subscribe to your favourite lottery and treat yourself to a special offer!