Guaranteed payout

LottoPalace assures you full transparency in the disbursement, integrity and protection. We transfer your winnings on time and promptly. It is our primary responsibility to protect your credit and your need for a reliable and secure payment system, which is used to transfer your balance to your registered bank account.

Our Protection

As a world leader, LottoPalace is bound to maintain the highest legal and ethical standards. It is the responsibility of the company to take care of our customers and protect their interests. To comply with this, we have developed an excellent user protection program that works in your best interests and provides maximum and carefree entertainment.

LottoPalace User Protection Program offers:

  • Ultimate cost control and management

Within our user protection program, we allow our players to choose between different methods that control the purchase of your lottery tickets. For example, Lottery Palace Limits allows you to adjust your costs and to authorise only one user pass per person. Furthermore, it contains your entire history of shopping so you always keep track of your transactions.

  • Secure Data Management and Protection

We draw only legally admissible data or information that we need for the provision of lottery ticket purchases. We use the latest technology and are equipped with the most qualified online privacy experts to insure the security of your information and records.

  • Protection of minors

LottoPalace observe the highest legal and moral norms that prohibit minors the use of lottery entertainment. If you want to learn more about our youth protection practices and safety recommendations, please contact us at: