Although the lottery is not a true science, there is still quite a bit of knowledge that you can use if you want to fully enjoy your Lotto experience and possibly also win. When choosing the strategy, lotto lovers rely on different approaches and common sense.

The great thing about lottery strategies are that they are easy to understand and use, even if they have a scientific basis.
Here are some useful tips to polish your knowledge and that may help you to make successful lottery choices.



No Ticket – No profit

To win in the lottery has always been and will continue to be largely a matter of luck. However, history can confirm that a lottery win can change your life in no time and make your wildest dreams come true. If you do not want this opportunity to be missed and want to broaden the horizon of your life’s vision, you have to start with a very simple step, and that is to purchase a ticket.

Do not forget: The only people who will never win the lottery are those who never participate. So choose a lottery, get your tickets and then you have put behind you the most important step towards winning!

Lotto Palace gives you countless options to purchase tickets and take advantage of incredible offers and promotions for the world’s best lotteries. Everyone can find something for their own tastes and budget. There are only a few clicks between you and the Jackpot.



Select your lottery

The selection of lotteries has become so overwhelming that we hardly know where to look. We at Lotto Palace have done our very best ​​to collect the world’s best and most entertaining lotteries with the biggest jackpots in one place. You only have to make your decision.

To be able to fully enjoy your lottery experience, you must understand the rules and your chances of winning. So in the respective info-area, we offer you the most comprehensive information on each lottery that we offer. There you will find all the facts and values ​​that can help you in calculating your own jackpot prize and the odds against you. Is it easier to hit the biggest jackpot with the lowest odds or is it better to put up with lower winnings that offer much higher chances of winning? You have a choice and we know you can do it!



Get more tickets

You will probably not win with just one ticket. Probably not even ten. But there is a simple truth: The more tickets you buy, the higher your chances of winning.

To buy more tickets does not necessarily mean spending the equivalent more money. You should never spend more on tickets than you can afford. With the Lotto Palace offers, users always have the option to use their profits for gaining more tickets. Moreover, we have tailored special offers and promotions designed to get the most out of your money. In addition, our most dedicated players benefit from our unique loyalty program that offers you a true VIP experience.



Make wise decisions

You should never forget that common sense in any area is the key to success. This includes the lottery. Calculate carefully your chances. For example, the acquisition of additional lines for a single draw may be a wiser decision than to take part in every draw.

Lotto Palace offers useful instruments and multiple-purchase discounts in order to best assist you in planning your long-term strategy. Approach the thing like a business. Make wise decisions and, above all, do not give up. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!



Get a group ticket

A group ticket may not be the newest approach in the lottery industry, however, it remains to date the only strategy that has constant success. There is more than just one advantage if you play together with your friends, family or work colleagues, and nobody can deny this. It is more favourable, because you share the cost. It’s fun, because of the joy of a common profit in a group is simply outstanding. Nonetheless, the important fact here is that it increases your chances of winning more than any other strategy.

Share the joy of Lottery with the Lotto Palace group Ticket option that now makes the group lottery experience even simpler and creates so much more fun for you! Oh Well … in the end you have to split your profits evenly, but who cares when you hit the biggest jackpot?



Check and Claim

The worst thing that can happen to you, apart from not winning the Jackpot, is to win the jackpot and then forget to take to claim the prize. Millions of profits are wasted worldwide every day because a ticket was lost or a winner has simply forgotten to bag the win.

Since we now have the Internet, the matter looks very different. Because we can go directly online to see our tickets and check for winnings anywhere, whether at home or on the move with a mobile phone! Lotto Palace is proud to be able to take care of you as players, whereby reliable records are kept throughout the course of purchases, tickets and winnings. You can now enjoy a worry free lottery experience and focus all your energy on your luck. Grab a ticket now for your favourite lottery and live your dream!