German Lotto Prize Odds Breakdown

German Lotto Jackpot Record

On 5th December 2007 the largest jackpot in German Lotto history was won. 45,382,458 Euros. This record jackpot was shared by three players.
The highest individual profit was achieved on October 7th, 2006 with a win of 37,688,292 Euros.

German Lotto Lottery Overview

In Germany, the Lotto is operated by the German lottery 6aus49 and Tottoblock who represent the merger of the state lottery companies. The draw will take place on Wednesday and Saturday night. There are always six lottery numbers drawn and subsequently, in a separate draw, the bonus number. The Lotto numbers are drawn from a set of numbers from 0 to 49, the super number from the numbers 0 to 9.