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Our experts have put together a special selection of the most frequently asked questions we’ve encountered over time. You can use the FAQ at any time to search for an explanation regarding your request. However, if you can not find the relevant information, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service. You can find the contact details of the customer in the “Contact Us” section. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need our help!

What is the legal age to play?

LottoPalace does not market and advertised their services to those persons who have not yet reached the minimum age of 18 (only applies to non-US citizens). By using our services, our customers must confirm that they have reached at least the minimum age. If the client/customer is younger than 18 years, their access and use of any LottoPalace service is not allowed and he/she is not allowed: to submit information to the website, to buy goods or services on the page, register an account on the site, access information limited to passwords on the page or attempt to access this.

Why is it necessary to provide personal data?

The national gambling laws require the indication of your personal data. Additionally these data will help to accelerate the withdrawal process in case of a payout. At that moment at the latest these data are required according to Money Laundering Act § 4 for verification purposes. For further information please take a look at our terms and conditions, item 5.For information on the protection of your personal data please see our privacy declaration.

Do you take off taxes from prizes? If so – how much?

If you purchased a winning ticket, you will only be deducted the cost of the LottoPalace bank transfer. Any tax deductions are governed exclusively by the taxation law of the country in where your residence is logged, and it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the tax policy and jurisdiction of law of your country.

How do I win the jackpot?

To win the jackpot, the player’s ticket must match the exact numbers that were drawn in the lottery. A “Jackpot” is the highest win of a particular draw.

How do I claim my prize?

LottoPalace guarantees the payment of the player in the event of a win. When the jackpot is drawn and the prize processed, the winnings are automatically credited to the account. The player can use this credit for winning another jackpot or they can pay the balance by selecting one of the payment methods that appear in their payment information section. The minimum payout is € 5.

What payment options are available to me?

It is LottoPalace’s goal to offer various payment methods according to the location of the customer, and to make available the most popular payment methods such as credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), Giropay and Sofort. Soon, LottoPalace will work with other payment providers to simplify the payment process of customers in other areas.

Are my payment details safe?

LottoPalace respects the highest industry standards of information security. We have a 256-bit SSL encryption to encrypt your data, which are classified at international banking security level.

Why is registration a condition?

All users of LottoPalace need to register (buy lottery tickets, deposit and cash out) to take advantage of the functions of the website. A registration is also required to verify age. A LottoPalace account is only for the personal use of the registered account holder and may not be transferred. It is the duty of the customer to keep their account number and password confidential. The account holder is responsible for the accuracy of data they provide (name, age, address, bank account, etc.).

How do I know if and how much I have won?

LottoPalace players can easily check the status of their tickets in Account – Ticket Data area. There, the player can find the numbers that they have selected for a particular ticket, along with the corresponding winning numbers that were drawn in the lottery. The numbers that match are surrounded by a green border. The sum of winnings can be seen in the prize area.

How do I get my winnings?

An account holder may withdraw funds in an active account at any time, amounting to the sum equal to the credit. To ensure the security of transactions, LottoPalace reserves the right to request proper identification and proof or verification of certain information before a withdrawal is performed. The implementation of high withdrawal requests may take up to five working days (5). The minimum amount for a widtdraw is 5 €.

Can I participate in a foreign lottery?

Yes – The players of LottoPalace have the opportunity to purchase tickets for the world’s best lotteries, regardless of domicile. LottoPalace has an established a network of agents who offer our customers access to the most entertaining and highest paid jackpot lotteries worldwide. The agents of LottoPalace buy the tickets on the spot in the name of the player, according to the individual preferences and lucky numbers.

How do I deactivate my account?

If you do not want to continue to use your account LottoPalace, simply send us a message via the “Contact Us” form or send us an email and we will then deactivate your account. Of course, we can reactivate it again if you change your mind and want to re-use your LottoPalace account at any time.



Which products are qualified for bonus?

Currently bonus can be applied for Scratch Cards, Instant Win Games and so called Bundle products (e.g. combination of Scratch Cards and lottery tickets).

How do I get a bonus?

You will receive a bonus for a deposit. LottoPalace will credit your customer account with an amount equal to the amount you deposited.

Is a bonus tied to a specific product?

A bonus can be used for different products that are qualified for bonus. It can be split to different products that are qualified for bonus.

Are there any conditions tied to a bonus?

Depending on the product a bonus has to be wagered accordingly. For example, bonus on scratch cards may have to be wagered 2,5 times, bonus on Instant Win Games has to be wagered 25 times and on bundle products 2,5 times. If you split a bonus the product specific bonus requirements apply.

Can I withdraw bonus money?

Bonus money turn into real money if the bonus requirements are met.

What is the maximum bonus amount?

The maximum bonus amount depends on the specific bonus offer. The bonus amount will be displayed when you make your deposit.

How long is a bonus valid?

The bonus remains valid until you met the bonus requirements or the bonus is used up.

How do I use a bonus?

If you deposit the amount of e.g. 10 Euros to your customer account, LottoPalace credits you further 10 Euros. So you have the amount of 20 Euros at your disposal for betting and your winning chances increase significantly. If you buy scratch cards, and for example the wagering requirement is 2,5 times, you have to wager the amount of 10 Euros 2,5 times. You have to purchase scratch cards for 25 Euros (10 Euros of bonus money x 2,5 = 25 Euros). The bonus becomes active after the deposited amount of 10 Euros is spent.

How do I use a splitted bonus?

If you deposit the amount of e.g. 10 Euros to your customer account, LottoPalace credits you further 10 Euros. So you have the amount of 20 Euros at your disposal for betting and your winning chances increase significantly. If you decide to split the bonus money, you can use e.g. 5 Euros for Scratch Cards and 5 Euros for Instant Win Games. Including the bonus money you have the amount of 10 Euros for both Scratch Cards and Instant Win Games. The bonus becomes active after the deposited amount of 10 Euros is spent. If there is not enough real money to buy a bonus product, both real money and bonus money can be combined to buy the products. The bonus specific requirements apply, as an example: Scratch Cards bonus may have to be wagered 2,5 times, Instant Win Games bonus may have to be wagered 25 times. In order to convert bonus money into real money, in this example, you have to buy Scratch for € 12,50 (5 Euros bonus money x 2,5 = € 12,50) and Instand Win Games for 125 Euros (5 Euros bonus money x 25 = 125 Euros)