Larger chance
Optimised lotto tickets
Higher share of profit

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Better winning chances

Increase your winning chances by playing LottoPalace Group Games. Benefit from playing more lines together with other players.
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Optimized lottery tickets

Another advantage of group games are optimized lines. The selected numbers are computer calculated. Thus guarantees the highest possible winning chances to you.
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Higher profit share

In order to increase your winning chances just buy several shares and your profit share increases automatically as costs and winnings are distributed amongst all players.


How do group games work?

What are the advantages?
The most important advantage is that you safe money! Depending on the group game one share can participate in 1000 lottery tickets and thereby increases your winning chances and lottery experience.
Do my winning chances really increase?
Yes, your winning chances increase significantly as you can participate in hundreds of tickets with one share. Your chance on the jackpot multiplies tremendously.
Can I buy more than one share
By the purchase of more than one share you increase your profit share significantly. The number of shares determines the winning amount after the payout.
How to calculate the profit share?
The number of shares is displayed for each Group Game. All winnings arising from all tickets will be divided by the number of shares and payed out.