LottoPalace offers a unique opportunity to play the world’s best lotteries anywhere and in the comfort of your home on your own computer or mobile device at any time.To give you access to the most entertaining lottery and biggest jackpots, we have created an established network of worldwide operating agents. These agents buy official lottery tickets locally on your behalf and according to your individual preferences and personal lucky numbers.

In addition, LottoPalace employs a high-quality and fast service that informs you with respect to the results of your chosen lottery, directly after the official announcement, so that you always stay up to date and you will always have access to your results …

“In case of a win, please contact our dedicated team of professionals who are available to help you in the fastest and most convenient way in the payment of your winnings. 

If you have purchased a winning ticket, you will be informed by LottoPalace in an official letter sent to your registered e-mail address. Then, the winnings are transferred to your LottoPalace account. In case of a win, our dedicated team of professionals are available to help you concerning the quickest and most convenient way of payment of your winnings.”

If you win a jackpot, you will be sent the official ticket and our best agents will personally guide you through the process so that you can make the claim of your prize as quickly as possible. You will receive our full support for each step, so you can receive your winnings as easily and quickly as possible.

LottoPalace Mission

LottoPalace offers people the chance to dream and to share a rich and fulfilling life with all their loved ones. We achieve this by enabling a fast, simple and secure access to the world’s best lotteries. All tickets we offer are for lotteries that have a formal, official and legal status.

Register and we will help you live out your dream!

LottoPalace pillars of trust: dedication, commitment and responsibility

It is our greatest passion, to offer the best service, so that everyone everywhere can easily follow their luck and maybe get the potential of a winner. We are committed to doing this by offering great opportunities to maximize the odds of our players through a clear selection of the world’s best lotteries. It is our responsibility to support the profit potential of each player and to develop analysis and statistics by supplying timely, relevant and coherent information on offers. We help your fortune with leaps and bounds by presenting you with the best decisions in front of your eyes

LottoPalace expertise

LottoPalace offers the best opportunities of the world’s most sought-after lotteries and offers everyone the chance to forge their own happiness … anytime, anywhere. Our highly dedicated team of experienced mathematicians and statisticians review every single lottery with the relevant odds and statistical data. In this way, LottoPalace Provides you with some of the best insights from the industry that will help you maximize your likelihood of winning. You just need to get started and reach for the fruits of your happiness.

Protection & Security

Guaranteed payout

LottoPalace assures you full transparency in the disbursement, integrity and protection. We transfer your winnings on time and promptly.

It is our primary responsibility to protect your credit and your need for a reliable and secure payment system, which is used to transfer your balance to your registered bank account.

Our protection

As a world leader, LottoPalace is bound to maintain the highest legal and ethical standards. It is the responsibility of the company to take care of our customers and protect their interests. To comply with this, we have developed an excellent user protection program that works in your best interests and provides maximum and carefree entertainment.

LottoPalace User Protection Program offers:

• Ultimate cost control and management

Within our user protection program, we allow our players to choose between different methods that control the purchase of your lottery tickets. For example, Lottery Palace Limits allows you to adjust your costs and to authorise only one user pass per person. Furthermore it contains your entire history of shopping so you always keep track of your transactions.

• Secure Data Management and Protection

We draw only legally admissible data or information that we need for the provision of lottery ticket purchases. We use the latest technology and are equipped with the most qualified online privacy experts to insure the security of your information and records.

• Protection of minors

LottoPalace observe the highest legal and moral norms that prohibit minors the use of lottery entertainment. If you want to learn more about our youth protection practices and safety recommendations, please contact us at:

• License

LottoPalace adheres to the highest industry standards with regard to integrity, legal status and player protection. Therefore LottoPalace has been granted the prestigious license fixed rates in the industry. We have been approved in accordance with the international gambling industry legislation and we follow the applicable license for our policies very strictly.

Affiliate partners

Register for the LottoPalace affiliate partnership program and you will be rich!

Our excellent affiliate program offers you all the resources and support you need for the generation of huge revenue in no time. Apart from a brilliant product, LottoPalace offers furthermore the most lucrative Revenue Share Deal of the industry. We assist Affiliates to the ultimate heights of profit and we assist in the growth and the development of a stable, productive and well-paid business model.

What do you get when you work with us?

We invest a lot of work and effort in the positive development of the members of our partnership program so that they can be the most profitable industry. Due to the high interest, our process of admission of new affiliates is very selective.

When registering you in our partnership program, we support your potential and give you a place among the brightest stars of the lottery affiliate business. Therefore we commit ourselves to your success. You can be sure LottoPalace offers you the best tools and support features that you need.

LottoPalace offers:

• The most lucrative Revenue Share Deals
• Special offers for CPA and CPL
• Special offers on user’s lifetime
• Longer user’s lifetime
• Real-time tracking and user-defined reports
• First-class technical support
• Secure Payments
• All marketing materials, prepared in artful and effective ways
• The most profitable results for your traffic
• Support of the optimization
• A call centre to monetize your traffic
• A dedicated affiliate manager, in order to ensure the best care and advice

Who can participate?

If you believe you have the potential to become number one in the global lottery Affiliates market and want to enter the world of endless revenues, we welcome you.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need any other information. Our team of highly qualified experts are always ready to fulfil your requests and provide you with a quick and accurate feedback.

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